Fibtron Digital Headend System

The Fibtron Digital Headend system is the new generation of intelligent headend processing equipment. This compact, high-density 1RU platform comes with independent module slots. All modules can be hot-swapped and hot-inserted to support the growing requirements of network operators. Each module can be configured individually based on the applications, including receiving, decoding, transmodulating, encoding, transcoding, ASI to IP conversion, scrambling, descrambling, multiplexing, and QAM/COFDM modulation.

Why you should consider fibtron

  • World-class receiver and IP tuners

  • Inter-operable cards and chassis

  • Feature-rich and scalable

  • Superior modulation and multiplexing

  • Chassis-based modular solution with redundant power supply

  • Lowest loss splitting and combining and lowest bitrate

  • High quality MPEG 4/ MPEG 2 digital Headend

  • Chassis ready for CAM cards

  • Low bandwidth high imaging encoding

  • HD enabledwidth high imaging encoding

  • HD enabled and ready

  • Fibtron Gold
  • Fibtron Silver
  • Edge - QAM